Solutions for Health Plans

Health Plans, HMOs, Self-Funded Employers and Capitated Medical Groups

Several solutions are available to help health plans and other risk-bearing entities manage catastrophic risk:

Reinsurance: Any organization that bears financial responsibility for the medical costs of its members is exposed to the risk of catastrophic loss. We can access the top reinsurers in the country and secure coverage specifically designed to match the fee schedules you have in place with your contracted providers. For a competitive reinsurance proposal, please contact us.

Employer Stop-Loss: For health plans offering “Administrative Services Only” to self-insured employers, MedRisk can arrange stop-loss coverage to protect your clients against the risk of catastrophic medical costs to their employees.

Managed Care Directors + Officers Liability: Corporate directors and officers are exposed to potential claims from shareholders, employees, business partners and healthcare providers. We can help secure a cost effective insurance solution that protects your key employees and board of directors.

Managed Care Errors + Omissions Liability: Managed care organizations are exposed to third party liability claims arising out of claim processing, credentialing, privacy issues and utilization or case management services. We have the experience and expertise to secure insurance to cover these exposures.

Cyber Liability: Health plans are increasingly the targets of a cyber attack due to the high volume of medical records and other sensitive information they handle. MedRisk can help you secure a cyber liability policy that can provide financial backing and a team of technical experts ready to move on your behalf and make you whole should your organization experience a cyber attack.

To request a preliminary rate indication,  please contact us for more information or to secure a solution for your organization.